2022 Cantamath Competition

The long wait was finally over! After two years of postponement due to covid restrictions, the 2022 Cantamath Team Competition was held on the 24th of August at the Christchurch Arena.

Cantamath is an exciting part of our school calendar for teachers and students. It gives an opportunity for students to exhibit mathematical skills, intensify critical thinking and build excellent team effort. Sixteen of our school’s young mathematicians from Year 7-10, four members each year level, did their best in this battle of the brains. Our Cantamath teams with the help of Mrs Ampuero and the Hornby High School Maths Club sacrificed their lunch time breaks for practice to sharpen their problem solving skills.

The team competition is a speed competition that takes 30 minutes. The aim is to complete 20 questions to get the golden ticket, and the fastest gets the Cantamath trophy. Although our teams were not able to complete the 20 questions before the time ended, they will be considered winners in our hearts by not giving up until the last second of the given time and by representing Hornby High School with pride displaying our CARR values. Our teams were stunning, and it was a magnificent experience for them to compete with other young mathematicians from other Canterbury secondary schools. Our teams consist of the following students:

Year 7: Oakley (TzR), Cole (CtR), Daisy (TuM), Kristhel (TrM)

Year 8: Divine (TrM), MIchael (MtM), Venice (MtM), Basty (CdT)

Year 9: Reuben (DsT), Mikayla (TlT), Aliyah (CoT), Dylan (DsT)

Year 10: Garick (HdM), Travis (RaT), Nolan (CeR), Mark (HdM)