Architects are made of this

This week some outstanding work from several of our 2021 DVC students went on display at The Hub.

Design and Visual Communication (DVC) is a growth subject at Te Huruhuru Ao o Horomaka Hornby High School. This week DVC teacher Oscar Richardson placed some outstanding examples of the work produced by some of our top 2021 DVC students on display at The Hub.

The work includes great examples of lateral and creative thinking, and examples of outstanding technical execution. The work produced ‘Excellence’ level results for the students concerned.

This is another fine example of students and staff aspiring to creative excellence, the essence of the school’s vision to be ‘he puna auaha, a centre of creative excellence’. It is a great illustration of our ‘Learn Create Share’ pedagogy, this display in the community being a wonderful way to ‘share’ with our local community. Many thanks to Jason Marsden and the team at The Hub for supporting our learners with this display.