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Generous donation of new drum kit

Hornby High School alumnae (former student ) Mr Gary Hann this week donated a near new drum kit to Hornby High School.

“The drum kit will be a welcome addition to the music school” said Mrs Beer, Head of Music. “We are so grateful for Mr Hann’s generosity. We have a number of students who will be excited to get their hands on the sticks and ‘hit the skins’ ” she said. In addition to the drum kit, Gary also donated a small portable guitar amplifier.

 Mr Hann joined the school in Year 9 (‘3rd form’ as it was then known) in 1976, the school’s second year in existence, and currently runs a very successful Christchurch business. You find amazing Hornby High School alumnae attaining success in so many walks of life.

By Robin Sutton

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