Creativity connects arts and science

The Predator Free 2050 arts kete has been looking at the predators and pests that live across Banks Peninsula. The boys have been researching the different animals that are considered predators or pests and what damage they cause to the natural environment.

Marie from Predator Free 2050 has taught the boys how to make tracking tunnels which we have set at Hornby High School to see what pests or predators live in our backyard.

Next week they will be preparing the material for 40 traps that will be used in the Banks Peninsula to catch predators.

The boys have also been using our laser cutter technology to create images of the predators that live on the peninsula, with a cut out of the peninsula itself, as they create resources to help advocate for predator free Aotearoa.

This project is a great example of how creativity and science come together, and how creativity gives us engaging learning for students. It also shows the power in dealing with real world issues in our connected curriculum where we join multiple ‘disciplines’ or areas of study together in the real world of our learners.

This has to be our Manaiakalani pedagogy ‘Learn Create Share’ at its best.