Fitness and conditioning sessions begin for senior boys

As sports competition ramps up, our senior boys have begun a series of fitness and conditioning sessions as they prepare for competition this year

Our young sports women and men increasingly push themselves as they compete at the top levels in secondary school sport. This year 2023 we have a large group of boys playing for the Horomaka Tigers, a combined first fifteen rugby team (combined from Hornby, Hillmorton, and Riccarton, High Schools) playing in Tier 2 of the Miles Toyota Cup. Students are also competing at the top levels in Football, Basketball, and Volleyball.

This demands greater and greater levels of fitness, and from 7a.m. in morning we had our first Monday morning fitness and conditioning session for members of our senior boys’ sports teams. The boys pushed themselves hard across a wide range of fitness and conditioning activities before enjoying the rewards of a cooked breakfast before they got into a day of learning. 

Win, lose, or draw, we want every girl and boy to finish a game knowing they gave it everything they had, and having had a great time playing and competing. #manahoromaka #hornbypride #fairplay