Former student Anaru Jackson taking to the skies

Some fantastic feedback on Pauwels Flying Scholarship recipient Anaru Jackson and his rapidly developing career in aviation.

Those of us able to find our ‘special passion’ are lucky indeed, and those able to find it at a young age are even luckier. To then find people who are prepared to make a material contribution to help you realise that ambition is a rare thing.

One such person was former student Anaru Jackson, who had for a number of years carried inside him a passion for flying, and the ambition to be a pilot. In his final year at Hornby High School Anaru received the inaugural Pauwels Flying Scholarship, sponsored by former airline pilot John Pauwels.

We were thrilled that John contacted us to update us on Anaru’s progress. John writes:

“Since awarding Anaru Jackson the inaugural winner of our “Special Award” another 3 winners have been selected. Along with Anaru they are outstanding young people who will go a long way in life. All these folk have common traits of passion, personality, and motivation, along with many other qualities required to become successful airline pilots. 

In preparation for his final goal of being a professional pilot Anaru is already employed by Air NZ. While his first job was entry level he was subsequently shoulder tapped for promotion in a short order of time.

This year we have launched a website after last year producing a brochure for those considering professional flying as a career. This is: 

I feel with the values we are looking for there will be some special students who would consider aviation as a career with this knowledge who attend Hornby High School. 

The most rewarding aspect is over time seeing these wonderful young people grow, develop, mature and unearth their incredible potential. It was an utter pleasure to engage with your school in helping Anaru stride forward.

You may wish to read a page featuring a photo of Anaru’s scholarship donation written largely by him. If you download the Annual Report from donor:- 2020-2021 and go to page 20. I am sure you’ll thoroughly enjoy the positivity and along with our values helping youth become tomorrows success stories.”

John makes the point that this scholarship is there to nurture and support progression into a career in flying, and encourages any students interested in pursuing this avenue to look further into what they have to offer.

Thank you John for your unerring faith in our young people. You are a taonga yourself!!