General Information

School Office Information

Open Hours – 8am to 4.00pm daily
Telephone (03) 349-5396
Email address

2020 School Donation (Activities Fee)

We will not be requesting a donation for the 2020 school year. Students may still need to pay for any extra curricular activities.

Emergency Closing

In the event of storms or other dangerous situations requiring the school to be closed, a cancellation notice will be broadcast on local radio stations, our website, our school-links text system and via our Hornby High School App.

Contacting Students

Those who wish to contact students during the school day, whether by telephone or in person, should do so only through the school office. All visitors must report to the school office on arrival. It is not acceptable to phone or text students on cell phones during class time.

Student illness or injury

Students who feel too unwell to attend class should report to the school nurse. Injuries of a minor nature will be dealt with at school. If the injury is more serious and further medical attention is required parents/caregivers will be contacted and it is their responsibility to take whatever action they feel is appropriate. If a parent cannot be contacted the school reserves the right to obtain, at parent/caregiver’s expense, whatever reasonable medical assistance is appropriate.

Student Absence

It is essential that the school is contacted when a student is away due to illness or other reason. Phone the school at any time and leave a message for the attendance officer on 03 349 5396, extension: 838. You can also notify of an absence via the Hornby High School app.

Internet use at Hornby High School

Hornby High School makes the internet available to students to use for learning. Using the internet responsibly is a condition of enrolment at Hornby High School which all students must accept. Hornby High School has taken steps to make the internet as safe as possible. All content is filtered to ensure only suitable content can be viewed. The school will teach students to access, use and evaluate online content. These are essential skills in our modern connected world. We have also put in place rules to discourage practices which might be harmful, inappropriate or illegal.

Use of mobile phones and digital devices at Hornby High School

Hornby High School is a 1:1 digital school. We require all students to have a digital device (with keyboard) for their day-to-day learning. We strongly recommend that students in Years 7-11 have a Chromebook. Senior students may have a laptop. Hornby High School accepts no liability for the loss of, or damage to, any student’s personal digital device that may be brought to, and used at, school. Students must ensure that their devices are kept safe during times when they are not with their belongings e.g. PE periods and at interval/lunch.

The School Day

The day begins at 8:30am and finishes at 3pm. There are five 60 minute lessons each day. There are four periods before the lunch break which runs from 1:20pm to 2pm. Wednesday times are a little different to accommodate sport and recreation which begin at 2:30pm.