This week a talented group of neuroscience students headed to Dunedin to compete.

After a long trip Monday, with multiple stops to see seals at Oamaru and climb on boulders at Moeraki (or in Amy’s case, fall off them), we made it to our overnight accommodation in Dunedin. We had a great view from our pad halfway up Baldwin Street.

We had a tour of the Medical School’s anatomy museum Monday night, where we got to see some truly extraordinary items and even hold some limbs, kindly donated by members of the public. 

Students looked super smart in their blazers, and competed in individual and team rounds throughout the day examining their neuroscience knowledge. Before lunch they took part in a lab practical which involves them signing a disclaimer about becoming human subjects for nerve control investigations (only a little concerning…).

Amy Woermann made it through to the individual semi-final.  Dhruv, Kiah and Mercedes didn’t score enough points, however they should be congratulated on reaching the regional/state finals.