Hornby High School’s senior chess team takes second place at regional tournament.

On Friday, 18th of May, eight of our senior chess club members represented our school in the Chess Power Christchurch Tournament 2018 held at Heaton Normal Intermediate. 

After a 5-hour  ‘battle of the brains’ against other Christchurch senior schools, our team was awarded Second Place in this year’s regional tournament. Franz (Year 11) was the team’s top player while Christina (Year 12) received the ‘checkmate the opponent in less than 10 moves’ badge. 

“I felt extremely proud to stand up there supporting and witnessing our humble students’ talents and skills” said Mrs Buenaventura who has managed and mentored the team this year.

Team members drew on and upheld all of our school values of Commitment, Achievement, Resilience, and Respect. We are very proud of them all. Special thanks to Mrs Buenaventura for her hard work and support.