In the past 12 months, the Forte team of registered secondary music itinerant teachers have worked in collaboration with Music HODs to bring a range of itinerant music programmes to students.

This year the Forte team are working with 1409 students across 29 schools a week. They are leading 62 co-curricular groups, which reach approximately 639 students. Currently there are 397 students in their programmes taking NCEA performance music and last year 28 students are known to have pursued music to tertiary level. In addition to this, there is growing evidence pointing to the added benefits to students actively participating in performance music.

Connecting students to MUSICAL OPPORTUNITIES

Forte teachers guide students through performances.

Students taught by the Forte teachers have the opportunity to develop skills required for participation in co-curricular music groups. Such as school concerts, productions, NCEA assessments, tours, prize-givings and open days that showcase the musical activities of Hornby High School.

In the 12 months leading up to the end of July, Barbara Mullholland has been actively involved in the The Musical Theatre evening at Hornby High School.

In the Spotlight…

Joe McCallum reports that many of his students are the house drummer at their church, with one student performing as backing drummer for the choir in school assembly. It is great to see these young musicians taking an active part in both school and community events.

Neville Forsythe would also like to commend his student Jireh Ngaru for his focus, commitment and progress.