We continue to reinforce the message that any child who is unwell, or any child who has a whānau member in the home who is unwell, should stay at home.

  • Students will be expected to maintain physical distancing of 1m as per the Ministry of Health guidelines at all times.

  • Access to high traffic areas of the school is being modified to reduce the volumes of students using them at any given time, and to support physical distancing. In particular a queuing system will be used at the cafe, and the library/learning commons will have limited access.

  • We will also be amending access/exit points to/from the school so that large numbers of students are not congregating in those areas. This is particularly an issue at the end of the school day. Students will be leaving through the two alternative exit gates at the eastern and western ends of the Waterloo Road frontage of the school rather than the more usual main entry/exit. We may also slightly stagger end times to further reduce the volumes of students exiting through those doors/gates.

  • All learning areas will be well supplied with hand sanitiser which we expect students to use often, in addition to frequent hand washing. These two basic messages will be emphasized repeatedly.

  • Working surfaces will be cleaned at the end of every lesson.

  • High touch surfaces such as door handles and push plates will be cleaned regularly.

  • Exit doors will be held open by one person to reduce physical contact with surfaces.

  • Students who repeatedly show lack of respect for our CARR value of Respect by not respecting physical distancing will be considered to be ‘not learning ready’.

  • The Uniform shop will only be open by appointment, and only 2 people will be permitted in the shop at a time . Those visiting the Uniform Shop will be required to complete a ‘visitor’s register’ with names and cell #s to support track and trace.