We have started a new book club at Hornby High School this year. The club is open to anyone who is keen and interested in reading. We meet every fortnight to discuss our books.

At the first club meeting we discussed books we have been reading and for the most recent meeting we all had to read a Roald Dahl book. This was fun as when we met to discuss the books, Ms Sowman (the librarian) had created a Roald Dahl quiz for us all to do in groups. We enjoyed learning some fun facts about Roald Dahl and winning prizes.

The next club meeting we are reading a David Walliams book. Mrs Turner and Ms Sowman have been providing us with yummy food to share with the club in our Thursday lunch meetings, helping us select good books for each category, and ordering more in to ensure we all have good books to read. 

I enjoy the fact that book club is a very nice place to hear what other people have to say about the books they have read and having my friends in the club too. We also get book club privileges with the library. We can request new books in and we also get priority on issuing new books out. 

We look forward to the book club growing and soon sharing with the school our top picks and our reviews with the Hornby High community.

Written by Paris Halliday, Mrs Turner and Ms Sowman