Once again we had the pleasure of hosting the festival at Hornby High School. The Auditorium and surrounds were buzzing all day with colourful characters like Caliban, King Lear, and Macbeth.

18 of our students performed. The Prefects provided MC’s [Alexis, Siosi and O’Shae] as well as refreshments which were very popular with the audience. Great work from the stage crew, ushers and technicians too. A very impressive effort from the performing arts students.

Hornby High School – Macbeth Act I, sc i, Act 4, sc i

Teacher Directed by Joanne Clark

Fair is foul, and foul is fair;
Hover through the fog and filthy air. (1.1.12-13)

This was a very effective scene as the witches worked together very well. Physical theatre was an integral part of the concept and it was very well executed. The use of hands as drums was great and the frozen moments added to the story. Macbeth (Nathan Walton) gave a sincere performance with great energy. This was exciting storytelling. The design elements were spectacular thanks to Sam Rogers imaginative makeup designs which added grotesque detail to the rich idiosyncratic costumes designed by teacher intern Ashlin Redmond. The group received an award for excellent ensemble work.

Hornby High School Romeo and Juliet Act 1 sc i, v

Student Directed by Amy Woermann

Excellent work from year 11 students, especially Amy as director, who were well organised and showed resilience through the rehearsal process from scene selection, to giving up meal breaks, learning lines and organising their own props and costumes. Lady Capulet (Mercedes) was a suitably dignified but rather “bitchy” mother; Juliet (Amy) in a colourful red dress was a defiant, passionate teenager and her Nurse (Bella) was a ditzy in her pastel floral outfit. The comedy moments, such as the servant (Shawn) hovering over the young Romeo (Alyssa) and Juliet’s first meeting in order to retrieve a used wine glass, earned this team an award for comic moments. 

Rehearsal picture above: Tia Hollis, Lucy Evans obscured, Meagan Mackinnon, Jessica Lilley, Kerry Harvey, Jade Barr [crown] Nadia Officer, Chloe MacQueen, Samantha Rogers