Musical Theatre still continues to be a thriving part of our Performing Arts.

Year 8 and 9 Performing Arts students were challenged to research and perform scenes from musicals and the resulting end of term concerts were riotously successful. This was great fun and we had an entertaining variety of characters: circus performers, stroppy princesses, dancers, revolting children and scary Ms Trunchbull on show. Some students even created their own piece, Parliament : The Musical. Skills ranged from acting, singing, dancing to instrumental accompaniments and costume design. Wonderful commitment from students to rehearse a piece for public performance.

In Term 2 , senior drama and music students also chose to do one of their performance tasks around the theme of musicals. This was a new genre to some but turned out to be the highlight of the year. Thank you to Ms Hannah Wheeler, a trained, professional musical theatre performer, and our outstanding vocal coach, Barb, for their support. Despite a major power cut, the show did go on. From popular Disney shows to classics like Les Miserables and contemporary musicals such as the historical Hamilton, Wicked, Little Shop of Horrors and Dear Evan Hansen, a story of accepting yourself and becoming confident in your own skin. We had something for everyone! The bonus items performed during the “blackout” were an absolute treat too, such talent and resilience. Students developed new respect for each others skills as everyone had different strengths, singing, acting, dancing, which were all needed to create a successful performance.

In our final term we embarked on some 1920’s themed song and dance items with our junior passion project. This included solos, duets, ensemble singing, slapstick comedy, tense dramatic conflicts and of course custard pies! Exceptional work from our budding junior actors and singers!

“It takes a little patience, takes a little time. A little perseverance and a little uphill climb.”

Quote “Dear Evan Hansen”