Kei te pēhea koutou? Hope you are all well. I wanted to foreshadow what our planning looks like for the next few weeks, not necessarily as easy as we might like given the uncertainty of life beyond the end of the lockdown.

Here however is a general indication of how we want things to go.

We are currently on the last weekend of the ‘school holidays’ which were brought forward by the Ministry to occupy some of the lockdown period.

School officially starts back next Wednesday 15th, although we will be working online as this is still the last week of the lockdown.

We have provided data to the Ministry to allow for the provision of Chromebooks to those children who do not have one. Please note that these machines are a loan, not a gift. Ownership rests with Hornby High School, so these Chromebooks are to be returned before a child leaves Hornby High School. This will allow all students to engage with the learning content that has been provided on teacher web sites. Your child will have the details of these sites.

For our first week back we are looking to focus particularly on rebuilding/re-establishing relationships, with less of a focus on specific curriculum content objectives. This partly acknowledges our belief that relationships are THE most important base for our work, and also the need for us to be mindful of the stress on teachers as professionals… this is new, it is potentially a time filled with anxiety, so we need to be kind.

Deans will be working through Wānanga and Form teachers to make contact with each and every student over these first three days, using Google Hangout/Meet. In these first 1:1 seasons, we would want whānau present. Your child’s Wānanga or Form teacher will be in touch.
As you will understand, there is relatively little certainty over these next few weeks because there are so many unknowns ahead of us, so flexibility/agility are important.

As a part of The Manaiakalani Programme we are well placed to continue learning online, with staff already having many of the skills and resources that other kura will be racing to try and catch. That said, we will no doubt have hiccups along the way, and There is a military saying credited to all sorts of famous generals that says ‘no plan survives first contact with the enemy’. I think we can expect that to some degree there wil be things we haven’t anticipated, there will be technology glitches etc that will create those hiccups. I ask for your patience and kindness as we work this out together.

In the meantime, stay in your bubble, stay safe, stay strong, stay kind, and stay in touch.

Kia tau te mauri

Robin Sutton

Te Huruhuru Ao o Horomaka

Hornby High School

180 Waterloo Road


Mā te huruhuru, ka rere te manu
‘Feathers enable the bird to fly’
(Be prepared, have the right tools to achieve).