‘Learning from home’ days – 19 & 20 September

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We are in the home stretch of the near complete rebuild of our kura. The ‘kahui’ (or learning hubs) that will give us our more general learning spaces are due to be handed over to the school on Friday 13 September.

We plan on shifting into those buildings during the following week. Some of the shifting can be undertaken after school hours, but this is a big job and there will be a period of time when we are simply unable to run normal classes as we shift desks, chairs, resources, television screens etc from the old prefabs to our wonderful new spaces.

Our plan is therefore to have two ‘learning from home’ days on which students will undertake work, set for them by teachers, whilst remaining at home. We will do this on Thursday 19th and Friday 20th September. Therefore we would appreciate it if you kept your children at home on those two days, unless they have been specifically requested to help teachers with the moving process at school.

On the following Monday, 23 September, we will stagger the start to the day so that students can come into school, receive new timetables, and tour these wonderful new spaces in a less stressful and crowded environment. Care of and good communication with our tamariki on the day is essential to make sure that we have a good start in our wonderful new buildings. So on Monday 23rd September:

  • Year 7 & 8 students will start at the normal time of 8.30 am

  • Year 9 and 10 students will start at the beginning of Period 2, 9.40am

  • Seniors will start at the beginning of period 3, 11.20am

We will also be organising a community visit time when members of our community can call in and take a tour of these facilities.

These are exciting times, when our tamariki complete their move in to the school that they have always deserved. We look forward to your support as we make this last challenging transition.

Kia tau te mauri

Robin Sutton


By Robin Sutton