Maths Week 2022 @ Hornby High School

On the 8th – 12th of August, New Zealand celebrated Maths Week 2022. At Hornby High School, we celebrated Maths Week, a week of fun, creativity and challenges.

The Hornby High School Mathematics Students Club organised a daily activity and problem solving for the staff and students. Also, the Maths team ran a variety of activities such as Monday: Bingo Games, Tuesday: Maths Booket, Wednesday: Guess the Number of Jelly Beans, Thursday: Mini-Cantamath and Friday: Rubik’s Cube Competition. Both the staff and students were delighted and had an enjoyable week of challenging Mathematics problems and riddles. All winners were gratified with the prizes they received.

The Hornby High School students are instinctively creative, and we cannot deny the evidence through their Cre8ive Maths project which were done during their Wānanga, Hurumanu and Maths class. A diverse method of exhibiting our students’ creative thinking through acrostic poem, slogans, rap, or songs. Believe it or not, during this week we rose-and-shone with Mr Sutton’s incredible limericks.