Notice of Asbestos Removal Work

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Asbestos Removal Procedures September – October 2019

The Board of Trustees will give permission for properly approved contractors to remove asbestos from school buildings (specifically Blocks D, B, T, P) during times when the school is operating.

Two other areas – the temporary changing rooms and the boiler house, because of their proximity to occupied school buildings and the nature of the asbestos they may contain, may have asbestos removed only when HHS staff and students are not on site.

These general conditions apply:

1. The school will inform the parent community about the proposal to conduct asbestos removal during school time. The school reserves the right to withdraw permission for this work to proceed if there is overwhelming public concern or until these issues have been addressed.

2. The D, B, P, T, change rooms & boiler house blocks will be handed over to the contractors to prepare the buildings for demolition on Friday 27 September (end of term three).

3. The sequence of asbestos removal & demolition of buildings is:

a. The boiler house (during September holidays)

b. Temp changing rooms (during September holidays)

c. P Block & B1&2 (during September holidays or shortly after)

d. T Block, B3&4 and finally D Block (during Term 4)

4. The school retains access to D7/8 to enable temporary storage of school equipment for a period of time after 27 September to enable efficient, removal & disposal of school property – vacating date to be negotiated.

5. A solid contractor’s fence is erected between the new buildings and the old site to ensure containment of any airborne material.

6. Only the removal of Class B ‘Non-friable’ asbestos is permitted during school operational times.

7. Class A ‘Friable’ asbestos can only be removed when the school site is not operational (i.e. between 5pm to 7am on work days or during holidays & weekends)

8. An air quality monitoring system, as approved by the MOE, is installed on site and air quality is monitored daily.

9. Hornby High School should be given regular access to the results of the the daily “Lab Certified” air sample monitoring if requested.

10. The ground where the asbestos clad buildings were situated (i.e all of them) must be inspected for asbestos contamination and, if necessary, re-mediated post demolition.

11. Post demolition, the Homebase buildings must be swabbed to detect any asbestos that has accumulated over the 6 week demolition period and decontaminated if any is found.

12. On exceptionally windy days during the asbestos removal operation, when the wind is from the East, the school reserves the right to ask the contractor to cease work or to only work in areas sheltered from the wind.

Jon Rogers

September 2019

By Andrea Cosgrove