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Kia ora koutou. Talofa. Kia Orana. Malo e lelei. Bula. Fakaalofa atu. Kumusta. Greetings to all.


School Rules and Expectations

The following rules are not designed to restrict students unduly, but to form the basis for responsible action. The best rule could be stated to be – 'Use courtesy and common sense.'

1. Each student must be neatly dressed with the correct uniform and footwear

a. School Uniform – General notes

The school's colours are navy blue and gold. The correct uniform must be worn at school and to and from school. The wearing of the full school uniform is compulsory at all specified levels. The Principal and staff would appreciate the co-operation of parents in seeing that the uniform is worn correctly, with strict regard to rules concerning jewellery and hair.

Note also:

  • It is important that ALL articles of school clothing are clearly named
  • Skirts are to be worn 10cm below the knee
  • Under clothing must not be visible
  • Scarves or woollen hats must be in the regulation colour – navy blue
  • Students who, for some genuine reason, are unable to wear full regulation uniform should bring a note from home to explain the reason.

General Appearance

Students' appearance at all times should conform to acceptable standards. Make up must be unobtrusive. Nail polish must be in neutral colours. No colours should be visible under school shirts and blouses. Long sleeved tops cannot be worn with short sleeved shirts or blouses. Jackets, scarves or beanies or caps cannot be worn in class. Hair must be clean, tidy, tied back when required and clear of the face. Not too long so as to be dangerous in workshops etc. Extreme hairstyles or colours are not permitted. Boys must be clean-shaven.


No jewellery is to be worn except for small plain earrings, one in each ear. Jewellery will be confiscated and placed in the school safe to be picked up by the student or parent after a suitable time. Facial or any visible piercings are not acceptable. Taonga or other items of cultural or religious significance are permitted.

2. Students must stay in the school grounds unless they have permission to leave

School Timetable showing period and break times Please click on the link HERE to view or download a copy.

a. Leaving the school grounds: For the protection of students, parents/caregivers and the school, no student is allowed to leave the grounds during the day unless permission has been obtained from the school office. The exception is Year 13 and above students who may leave the grounds when they do not have a class.

b. Exit passes: Exit passes for Doctors, Dentists and other appointments are obtained from the school office. A student will not be released by her/his classroom teacher unless the student presents an exit pass. To ensure that an exit pass is available appointment cards must be put in the box outside the school office on the morning of the appointment.

c. Lunch passes: No student is permitted to go home for lunch without a lunch pass. This pass does not permit the student to go to any place for lunch other than her/his own home. Permanent lunch passes will be provided to students who complete a form signed by their parents / caregivers. One-day lunch passes will be provided to students who deposit a written parental request with the school office. The pass will be available for collection at interval if the request is received before 8.30 am. or at lunchtime if the request is deposited at interval. The dean has lunch pass applications.

d. Bounds: The following places are out of bounds to students:

  • Grounds - Any construction work Car and motorcycle parks and bicycle stands Street frontage along Waterloo Road All garden areas. The area behind the gym and the bus sheds, the far end of the tennis courts.
  • Buildings - The Administration block (unless on business) All specialist rooms Classrooms at interval or lunchtime unless it is wet, very cold, and under the direct supervision of a teacher.

3. Students must attend all classes

a. Attendance Students should be at school by 8.25 a.m. and leave by 3.30 p.m. Outside these times students at school should be under the direct supervision of a teacher. Lateness for school or class will result in disciplinary action, unless excused. A student who has been absent must, on the day s/he returns, bring a dated note signed by a parent / caregiver. This note must state: – the date(s) of absence – the reason for the absence Parents are also encouraged to ring the attendance officer to excuse an absence.

b. Truancy (bunking) The only acceptable reasons for absence from school are sickness, family bereavement, approved dental or medical appointments, or an emergency. Students who absent themselves from classes will face disciplinary action.

4. Theft of, damage to, or interference with other people's property is unacceptable

Damage to school property must be reported immediately to the Deputy Principal. Students found damaging, defacing or losing school property are liable for the cost of replacement or repair.

5. Litter must be placed in the bins provided

6. Hurting other people physically or verbally or using offensive language is unacceptable

These actions are unacceptable in the school environment where, for learning to take place, respect for others is essential. Offensive language, verbal abuse, and other antisocial behaviours in class that prevent others from learning will result in a referral from that class. Parents will be informed of the referral.

Incidents of bullying, harassment or violence will in the first instance be dealt with in a restorative manner. This will involve bringing all parties involved in or affected by the incident together and the impact of the incident is discussed, wrong-doings are attempted to be put right and strategies put in place to stop the incident from happening again. Parents may be contacted depending on the seriousness of the issue. The incident will also be recorded in the student's pastoral files.

If the incident is of a more serious nature or a restorative approach has been ineffective then the principal or deputy principal may stand a student down for a number of days. The principal may even suspend the student if other students' learning is being seriously compromised or staff and students' safety is at risk. In extreme circumstances the principal may lay criminal charges. Parents will be contacted in all situations of stand down or suspension.

7. Possessing or using tobacco, alcohol or harmful drugs or substances is prohibited

Students while at school, or in school uniform, or on any school trip / camp, or at any time when they are identifiable by the public as members of the school, may NOT consume alcoholic liquor, smoke tobacco or use other prohibited drugs, or be associated with students who are smoking or consuming alcoholic liquor, or using other prohibited drugs.

8. Each student will obey the rules regarding general behaviour around the school

  • Students are to treat others in a courteous manner
  • There is to be no eating in classrooms during lessons or in the library at any time
  • No chewing gum is to be brought into school
  • The school is not responsible for any possessions which students bring into school

a. Bicycles: Bicycles are not to be ridden in the school grounds or under the covered ways. Bicycles are not to be ridden in the school grounds except along the road by Hornby Primary School. Bike stands are out of bounds unless a student is placing his/her bicycle in, or collecting her/his own bicycle from, the stands. Students riding bicycles to or from school are required to wear helmets.

b. Motor vehicles: Students may bring motor vehicles (cars and motor-cycles) to school provided that:

  • the student has an appropriate driver's licence and the permission of her/his parents / caregivers,
  • the student complies with any legal restrictions that apply to his/her licence,
  • the vehicle has a current Registration and Warrant of Fitness,
  • s/he registers the vehicle use with the Deputy Principal,
  • the vehicle is used only for the purpose of travelling to and from school,
  • passengers are carried only with the written consent of the passengers' parents caregivers and the driver's parents/caregivers
  • motor-cycles are to be parked in the motor-cycle park outside the administration block and cars on Waterloo Road outside the school. The school reserves the right to restrict the use of a student's motor vehicle for school transport if any breach is made of the school's regulations on motor vehicle use.

9. Each student must obey the following classroom rules and routines which are based on courtesy common sense and consideration for others

Classroom Rules

  • Obey the instructions of the teacher
  • Do not behave in a way that interferes with the rights of other students to learn
  • Do not act in a way that endangers the health and safety of other students

Classroom Routines

The Hornby Way Teachers are in charge of classrooms and students are required to obey the instructions of the teacher at all times. Any behaviour which interferes with the right of others to learn or places the health and safety of others at risk is unacceptable. At the discretion of teachers, these routines may be amended to suit a particular situation.

  1. At the start of a lesson students will line up quietly outside the classroom. Correct uniform must be worn or a pass shown to the teacher.
  2. Students will sit in seats allocated by the teacher.
  3. Students must not leave their seats without the teacher's permission.
  4. Upon entering the classroom students must get their equipment out, put their bag in the appropriate place and wait quietly for the lesson to begin.
  5. Each student must be properly equipped for each class with the appropriate equipment. Borrowing gear from others is not permitted.
  6. Students speak only after putting up their hand and being asked to by the teacher. Calling out is not permitted.
  7. Eating, drinking or chewing is not permitted, except teachers may allow students to have water bottles in certain circumstances.
  8. Cellphones, walkmans etc. must be switched off and put away when in class or assembly. The school takes no responsibility for any loss or damage to these items.
  9. At the end of a lesson students must pack up and leave only when directed. The classroom must be left tidy.





 The Kawa of Care is an agreement between students, parents and schools to ensure the best care and responsibility is exercised with the chromebook during each student's time at Hornby High School.