School Rules and Regulations

Hornby High School Vision Statement

Hornby High School provides caring, progressive and individualised education.

Hornby High School Values


Respect for self, Respect for others, Respect for the school.

Kawa of Care

The Kawa of Care is an agreement between students, parents, and schools to ensure the best care and responsibility is exercised with the Chromebook during each student’s time at Hornby High School.

Kawa of Care

School Rules and Regulations

The following rules are not designed to restrict students unduly, but to form the basis for responsible action. The best rule could be stated to be – ‘Use courtesy and common sense.’ Click on a heading below to view more information on each section.

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Classroom Routines – Follow the C.A.R.R. Values

Teachers are in charge of classrooms and students are required to follow the instructions of the teacher at all times. Any behaviour which interferes with the right of others to learn or places the health and safety of others at risk is unacceptable. At the discretion of teachers, these routines may be amended to suit a particular situation.

1. At the start of a lesson students will line up quietly outside the classroom. Correct uniform must be worn or a pass shown to the teacher.
2. Students will sit in seats allocated by the teacher.
3. Students must not leave their seats without the teacher’s permission.
4. Upon entering the classroom students must get their equipment out, put their bag in the appropriate place and wait quietly for the lesson to begin.
5. Each student must be properly equipped for each class with the appropriate equipment. Borrowing gear from others is not permitted.
6. Students speak only after putting up their hand and being asked to by the teacher. Calling out is not permitted.
7. Eating, drinking or chewing is not permitted, except teachers may allow students to have water bottles in certain circumstances.
8. Personal digital devices must be switched off and put away when in class and assembly. The school takes no responsibility for any loss or damage to these items. These items can be confiscated for increasing lengths of time if used inappropriately or at the wrong time.
9. At the end of a lesson students must pack up and leave only when directed. The classroom must be left tidy.

School Timetable

School Timetable showing period and break times Please click on the link below to view or download a copy.