Senior Course Information

Course Information for 2021

Here you are able to download course information booklets:

Senior Course Information booklet for 2021:

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Form for Year 11/Level 1 NCEA options (for Year 10 students going into Year 11):

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Form for Years 12/13 Levels 2/3 NCEA options (for the Senior School):

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Senior Assessment Planning Spreadsheet

The teachers at Hornby High School have created a spreadsheet that contains the approximate dates for every upcoming senior assessment during the year. We hope this information will be of use to those parents and caregivers who want to keep up to date with what assignments and examinations your child is doing at school.

You could use this spreadsheet information to mark important dates on your calendar and ensure that your child does lots of study during those busy assessment times. Once in the spreadsheet, you can tab between the NCEA Levels and find your child’s courses.