Tane Māhuta – Community Impact Project

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Students take action on their local environment

One of the features of our new Year 7 & 8 curriculum is the creation of our Community Impact/Passion Projects. These are developed partly from a mix of staff and student initiative.

One of the projects this year is titled Tane Māhuta, a group of approximately 40 students who care passionately about the environment. These students are taking the initiative on a number of things they want to see change in our local environment, using the mantra ‘Think Global, Act Local’.

They have done litter clean-ups, and now are working to restore a large compost area that had existed years ago in what was once the Horticulture area of the school. They have cleared the compost areas, uncovering large compost bins in the process.

Their next steps will include improving planting around the school, and initiating new planting projects. We are very lucky to include on our staff team Mr Mark Sowerby who is also a qualified landscape architect. He is doing some great work with our children, helping them to connect with the natural world of plants, and the environment.

This is a wonderful practical application of Learn Create Share in a real world, hands on, environment, and a great example of authentic learning.

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By Robin Sutton