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The Hornby High School uniform is school-branded and the Hornby High School Uniform Shop is the sole provider of all school and PE uniforms for all year 7 to year 13 students.

All students are expected to be in a school uniform at all times.

Contact info

Contact Kaye to make an appointment.

Shop Hours

  • Wednesday | 1pm – 4pm

  • Thursday | 1pm – 4pm
( Shop hours are term time only. )
The uniform shop is situated in the front entrance at Hornby High School (180 Waterloo Road, ChCh 8042)

Payment info


  • Cash, Credit Card, and EFTPOS.
    Layby welcome.

  • Bank account 03 0855 0333812 00


  • Jersey or cardigan – Regulation navy with gold trim and logo
  • Shirt –  Short/long-sleeved with logo
  • Blouse – Short/long-sleeved with logo
  • Skirt – Regulation navy
  • Trousers – Regulation navy
  • Shorts – Regulation navy
  • Socks – Navy ankle or knee socks. Navy tights.
  • Shoes – Black regulation leather school shoes (with laces, buckles, or strap)
  • Jacket – Regulation navy polar fleece-lined jacket with gold trim
  • Blazer – Regulation, ordered from the school shop
  • Hornby High School tie
  • Caps, beanies and scarves must be regulation – School branded

Physical Education Uniform

  • Regulation navy t-shirt with a logo and navy shorts
  • The P.E. uniform can be purchased from the school shop
  • Sports shoes and socks are required but bare feet may be permitted for some activities

Grooming & Jewellery

  • Hair must be clean, tidy, and clear of the face and not too long to be dangerous in workshops
  • Extreme hairstyles or hair colours are not permitted
  • Hijabs/headscarves are required to be a plain, solid colour that compliments the school uniform. e.g. navy blue, white or black
  • Boys must be clean-shaven – no moustaches or beards are permitted
  • No jewellery is to be worn except for small plain earrings, one in each ear, a watch, one other piece of jewellery (plain ring, necklace or bracelet)
  • Students are permitted to wear one small nose stud 3mm or smaller
  • Taonga (a bone or greenstone carving): These may be worn next to the skin at the base of the neck on the collarbone. They may only have a thin leather strap or woven flax cord.


Fitted Uniform Price
Blouse short-sleeved $57
Blouse long-sleeved $70
Skirt $90
Trousers $79
Cardigan $98
Socks (3pk cotton) $23
Blazer (Yellow Pinstripe with School Logo) (Optional) $290


Non-Fitted Uniform Price
Shirt short-sleeved $57
Shirt long-sleeved $73
Shorts $60
Trousers $76
Jersey $98
Socks (3pk merino) $28
Blazer (Yellow Pinstripe with School Logo) (Optional) $295
PE Uniform Price
PE Shirt (School Logo) $43
PE Shorts (School Logo) $38
PE Trousers (School Logo) $55
Optional Items Price
Jacket (With Polar Fleece Lining) $160
Tie (Blue School Logo Embossed) $32
Scarf $32
Sunhat/Cap/Beanie $15 each

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