Voices with Soul

Despite it being a quiet year for performing opportunities we have still had lots of fun in Voices with Soul. We have continued to rehearse twice a week and have kept a dedicated and committed group for 2020.

We decided this year that we would make sure we always kept the songs we have learnt going. The idea behind this was that we can invite students that have left school back to sing when we do shows and events. This was a student idea and I thought this was just a wonderful way of keeping our Voices Alumni active! With this idea we have spent time polishing old songs and have enjoyed re-visiting these.

‘Hamilton’ fever also struck Voices largely due to my (Mrs Beers) obsession with the show. We have some more ‘Hamilton’ ideas in store for next year.

Our one and only community performance this year took us to Hornby Primary School in November. We sang 10 songs and the children all seemed to enjoy our singing. We also enjoyed ‘driving’ the piano over to the primary school on Richie’s lawn mower! What an entrance!!

Thank you to Voices with Soul for their commitment this year and a big shout out to our Voices staff, Sarah Handley, Luke Taylor, Abi Keene and Jayne Abernethy.