‘Outstanding’ Scholarship results announced

Jaime Burns and Nathan Walton achieve Scholarships in 2022

In results announced earlier this term, two students from our 2022 cohort gained Scholarships.

Jaime Burns gained an ‘Outstanding’ Scholarship in Health. This places her in roughly the top 12 students nationwide.

Nathan Walton gained a Scholarship again in English (for the second year running). 

Alex Aitken, Head of Health, noted that this is the first Scholarship in Health that a Hornby student has gained, and to gain this at the ‘Outstanding’ level is an incredible achievement, a testimony to Jaime’s talent, persistence, and hard work. Nathan’s achievement is a testimony to his own talent, perseverance, and hard work too.

Scholarships are generally awarded to approximately the top 2% of the total group of students sitting a subject in any one year.

Jaime and Nathan have both upheld the very best of our school CARR values (Commitment, Achievement, Resilience, and Respect), and have thoroughly deserved these results. 

Both Jaime and Nathan also gained their Level 3 NCEA endorsed with Excellence.

“We are incredibly proud of Jaime and Nathan, as we are of all of our students” commented Tumuaki Robin Sutton. “They embody everything we carry in our heads and our hearts with our concept of #manahoromaka #hornbypride. They sit at the crest of the wave of improving academic results for our rangatahi, alongside improving achievement in sports, and cultural activities.”

We also acknowledge the incredible input, hard work, and dedication, of our staff (teaching and non-teaching alike) in supporting our young people to be the best they can be. Improving student achievement in all areas of students’ lives is the result of a team of great people working together. #manahoromaka indeed.