Polyfest is coming, and this year it’s gloriously big!!

Rehearsals are well underway for one of our biggest ever Polyfest groups as they prepare for performances on 18 March

Students are hard at work preparing for this year’s Polyfest performances in March with one of our biggest Polyfest groups in years (we have 65 students participating). The students are led by Lapana Soli, one of our awesome former head students.  Whāea Kana and Whāea Jo are both working with our Cook Island dancers, while Malia and Whāea Ane are supporting our Tongan dancers and Ella our Fijian dancers. Their work is a great example of our vision for creative excellence, and our students are showing their Hornby CARR values (Commitment, Achievement, Resilience, and Respect) as they strive to excel. 

Providing overall coordination of this amazing effort are Matua Uai, Whāea Ane, and Oscar Richardson.

Polyfest this year is being held in Hagley Park on Saturday 18th March. #manahoromaka